PUR water filter

many months back i was very excited about my PUR water filter. i was excited that it was a better filtering system than the brita filter due to its 2 stage filter. it got rid of all of these micro-nasties and it was all good.

now, 6 months later, i realized that i haven’t changed the filter…ever. i know, i know, gross! it’s ok, though, i don’t drink much water at home. instead, diet coke seems to be the drink of choice while i’m at home. but i went to target today to pick up a new shower curtain and passed by the water filter aisle. i decided to buy new water filters and when i got home, i replaced the filter.

the water tastes just oodles better now! go figure, huh? i need to find some way to remind myself to change the filter because the slow and gradual change in water quality wasn’t noticed by me all these months.