expenses galore!

i’ve been trying to figure out exactly how much money i can afford to spend on a house. keeping in mind that i have a wedding that i need to be paying for soon, it just seems staggering. purchasing things in the tens of thousands of dollars is just something that i haven’t had much experience in doing. it sort of freaks me out.

so i’ve decided to try to track my spending habits. in the last six or so months, i’ve not been able to make generalizations about my spending because my spending is just erratic. there are some months where i may have saved a couple of hundred dollars. some months i’ve saved a couple of thousand dollars. how can there be so much discrepancy especially when i haven’t bought any new expensive camera gear?

i don’t have a very good feel for just how much of a mortgage i can really afford, so i’ve just given up trying to figure it out. i have a fuzzy number that i’m just gonna guess i can spend and when the time comes, if i can’t save quite that much money, i guess i’ll just have to stop getting so many pearl tea drinks.