a media device for every tv?

the dream continues! i’m slowly working towards a tv in every room and then i read this article about someone installing a tv in their garage so that they can watch tv while they are, you know, fixing stuff in the garage! how crazy is that??

yeah, i’m gonna go to the garage to saw some wood while i watch tv. brilliant, i tell you. just brilliant. i’m not going to be that crazy, but it’s nice to dream.

some people have clothes, other people have music. me? apparently, i’m gonna have TVs, DVD players, and other media devices.

the biggest thing that i’m struggling with right now is whether or not i should get yet another media device for the home office. i think that i’m going to register for it.

it’s a couch! it’s a bed! it’s a chaise lounge!

yesterday was another day of deliveries at the house. actually, it was two deliveries and one pick up. i rarely get things picked up at the house, but this was actually a rather large pick up that i had been meaning to do for a long while.

we had an old refrigerator come with the house that we bought. they said that the refrigerator works, but it leaks. the refrigerator actually leaks at the water dispenser, not from some other random part of the fridge, so it’s still a working refrigerator. but a very old, ugly working refrigerator at that. so we bought a new refrigerator moved the old one into the garage.

instead of dealing with craigslist and having someone come to the house to pick up the refrigerator, i found out that pg&e has a recycling program where they credit you some money for recycling a refrigerator through them. so i scheduled the appointment and they picked up the refrigerator yesterday.

i was huffing and puffing moving the refrigerator out to the curb, but when the guys came to pick it up, they picked it up like it was a fluffy almond pillow and threw it into their truck. yeah, i’m, uhhh, strong.

another major delivery to the house was this couch/bed/chaise lounge thing for the home office. it’s actually pretty cool. it is about the size of a full size bed, but it can fold both lengthwise and widthwise. so in one configuration, it’s a futon. in another configuration, it’s a chaise lounge. very cool, indeed.

the furniture company wanted to charge something like $50 for delivery and assembly. i didn’t want to spend that much money on delivery (all the other furniture we payed for didn’t have delivery or assembly fees) and the piece of furniture only costs like $300 to begin with! another $50 to delivery and assemble? we finally negotiated it down to something like $20 where they would deliver it to the house and we would have to lug it upstairs and assemble it ourselves.

this thing is a lot heavier than it looks. i thought i could get it upstairs by myself, but after nearly having the thing come crashing down on me on the stairs, i waited until christi came home before i tried to move it upstairs again. we finally got it set up in the office and it is working out great.

the last delivery was from BR. the groomsmen’s pants came in the mail. it’s so hard to see what colors would look like on the web. these pants weren’t the color that i was expecting, but i think that they’ll be ok.