over the range microwave

our microwave is broken. a microwave is a COMPLETE black box to me. yes, i know, it uses microwaves to heat the food. yes, i know that the microwaves don’t actually heat the food, but rather does some kind of voodoo magic where microwaves are pointed at food and the food absorbs the radiation and this energy excites the food atoms and because they are all excited, they get hot…or some such nonsense like that.

i know that a magnetron is used to generate these microwave. but, if you tell me to open up a broken microwave and fix it, it’s a complete black box to me. i push a button and hot food comes out. that’s as much as i know, and that’s really all i care to know. now that i know that i have a broken microwave, i now know that i need to buy a new microwave. the hunt begins!

home depot has a labor day sale online only where you get 10% off, but shipping charges negate the discount that i’m getting *IF* i buy a microwave greater than $50. in my case, it looks like i’m going to be spending that much anyway because over the range microwaves are RIDICULOUSLY expensive.