how to build a wheelchair ramp

a couple of weeks ago, i built a wheelchair ramp. there are all sorts of codes and regulations for how one should build a wheelchair ramp. make sure to follow your local laws. if a wheelchair ramp is to be connected directly to a structure, you have to go to your city’s city planning office and get permits and show plans and the whole nine yards.

two great resources i used were the metropolitan center for independent living and the dallas ramp project. i based my design loosely on the dallas ramp project’s design and improvised once i got on site. everybody says that the maximum slope for a wheelchair ramp should be 1:12, but after having made a 1:15 ramp, i still think that is too steep. if you are building a wheelchair ramp and you can spare the room, go conservative! 1:15, at least, 1:20 is even better.

i wish i took a picture of the completed ramp, but i didn’t have my camera with me. it’s been a while since i have done any woodworking, but i really enjoyed it. it was pretty fun. i’m ready now to make my arcade cabinet. i just need to find some place that carries the MDF that i need. the local home depot and OSH both don’t!