the big smoke out

a few days ago, i noticed that we had new visitors at the house. they were unwelcome, uninvited guests. my first strategy to make them leave was to ignore them, hope that they get bored, and leave. as with most problems, ignoring them simply didn’t work.

my next strategy was to confront them and try to scare them away. yes, they got scared. i was even a little frightened. but i think all that did was test their resolve. they brought friends with them the next day and started to eat our food.

yesterday was the last straw. they had gotten out of control. they were bold enough to eat our food in front of us. leave a plate on the table, they were there eating it. i had had enough. heavy handedly, i had decided to squash them. i started to swat at them, smash them, best i could, but there were too many of them.

it was time, there were just too many of them and desperate measures had to be taken. i fumigated the house. after 2 hours or smogging and another hour of clearing the air, i am happy to report that the house is ant-free.