the lowes registry is lame

the lowes registry is probably one of the worst systems i’ve ever used. first off, lowes does not prominently display the registry as a feature of the web site. in fact, they don’t even list the registry in the site map, which would be the most logical place to put it if you aren’t going to put a link to it on your front page.

why? why would you do this lowes?

i’ll tell you why. lowes is ashamed of their awful, awful regsitry. that’s right. they are ashamed. they are ashamed that it doesn’t work. in making the registry, i’ve been asked to add a shipping address. you would think that after someone buys something from our registry that the system would use the shipping address that i submitted, but, no. no, that would be too obvious. instead, they require you to add the ship to address yourself!

on top of that, every time someone buys something from the registry, it changes the status of number of items purchased from 0 to 2. even if you only bought 1 item. soooooo, if we had registered for 2 items and one person bought one of them, the registry will happily (and incorrently) report that 2 items have, in fact, been purchased and so that item’s requested amount has been fulfilled. dumb? yes. retarded, even? absolutely. who wrote this code?

and i think what probably makes the entire lowes registry system the most retarded thing ever is that when i receive these items, nowhere in the packaging does it say who the gift was from. instead, they have a regular invoice with the dollar amount of the items!

that’s just awful.

awful, i tell you.