cutting acrylic

i have read about various ways to cut acrylic and it looked like for the thickness i was going for, power tools were necessary. this brings me more joy than you can believe.

it is only recently that i’ve been reintroduced to the joys of woodworking. since then, do it yourself projects have really intrigued me. the problem is that i don’t own many power tools. i told myself that i would only buy what i would really need. and it seems pretty obvious that i wouldn’t need a lot of power tools. in fact, i opted not to buy some power tools for the garden work because our yard is just too small to merit the purchase of big tools.

but, i have borrowed a circular saw and a jig saw from my parents.

anyway, this weekend, i will be diving in the channel islands. yes, that’s right, the freezing waters of the channel islands. so anyway, before i dive, i had bought some parts to make my own strobe mount for my underwater housing. i borrowed a friend’s underwater strobe and just started to learn how to use it. the problem is that his strobe costs somewhere in the order of $600…for a flash…underwater. so i thought that i might be able to make my own.

we’ll see how it works this weekend!