the wedding – sand ceremony

picture by barbara tanaka

i know, i know, i just got married and am still in married/wedding bliss, so the pictures from the wedding are still gonna be coming. if you’re bored of wedding talk, skip this post. =P

during our ceremony, instead of a unity candle, which had logistical problems because we were on the beach and it can be windy on the beach, we had a sand ceremony. what is a sand ceremony, you ask? it’s where two people take two jars of differently colored sand and combine them into one jar. so, you know, like, a unity candle, is pretty much the same thing as the sand ceremony, just hawaiianized.

i told christi that i was a little reluctant to incorporate too many hawaiian customs or traditions into our wedding because: 1) we aren’t hawaiian and 2) i don’t want to be a poser. =P but the sand ceremony was pretty cool.

nintendo ds lite

i just read an article about how nintendo has won the handheld console market with their nintendo ds. it seems nintendo has really made quite the comeback in recent years with their nintendo ds and wii. after the rather disappointing gamecube and gameboy advance, nintendo has really bounced back strong.

our wii has seen some great usage. wii sports is still the most popular title played and it still is the game that i like the most.

so i finally broke down after years of holding off to go get me a nintendo ds lite. i guess it’s good that i waited a little while. there appears to be some good titles out for the DS, so it’ll now be a matter of finding them all. the problem is that i realized that i ordered the black and crimson one, BUT that one doesn’t officially get released until this friday. so i’ve been eagerly waiting around for it to be released, but alas, it still hasn’t been, so i’m just waiting for it to be released so that i can wait for it to be shipped.

ugh, the agony is killing me.