sore beyond belief

monday was the first dragon boat practice that i went to for the paddle for life race that i’m participating in. i know…dragon boating? seriously, what has gotten into me lately?

so anyway, dragon boating is a whole lot more tiring than i thought that it would be. i’m actually really sore right now. it’s just my entire right side of the back that is killing me right now. killing me.

and i’m still biking to work, so my butt is doubly sore. the usual sore from biking to work, but an extra level or soreness from dragon boating. all this moving, i tell you, is overrated.

despite my soreness, i still biked to fry’s during my lunch break to see if i could pick up a wii fit. christi said that her boss was able to pick one up at a store, but i told her that i think all of the stores in the south bay would be sold out. fry’s, by the way, was sold out.

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