scrubs, season 6

i’m powering through scrubs and have now gotten into the 6th season. the romance between J.D. and kim is budding. i’m not sure how crazy i am about the two of them having a kid. i sort of have always thought that he would have a more romantic relationship, maybe find a way for him and elliot to work things out.

but it’s been sort of a non-stop marathon this weekend watching scrubs. i just watched the scrubs musical episode. it was alright, not nearly as brilliant as the buffy musical, though. i’m hoping that the summer season of tv will start soon. there aren’t that many tv shows that are on still and i’m running out of scrubs episodes to watch.

because i have heard so many good things about it, i’ve decided to give so you think you can dance a try. i watched the first episode and though there were two really amazing dancers, it’s just not fun to watch bad dancers who think that they can dance. i don’t get the same kind of sadistic joy that i get from watching bad singers on american idol. i hope that after the audition process the show gets better because right now it’s only so-so for me.

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