one of the cool things about WCs

in italy, restrooms are called WCs…short for water closets. what’s cool about these are that when you flush, there are usually two buttons that you can choose from: a bigger one or a smaller one. the smaller one flushes a smaller amount of water so that you can conserve better.

my parents just remodeled their bathrooms and they got toilets that operate in a similar fashion. i think that’s pretty cool. i wonder why it took so long for that to move over to the US market…

mozilla lightning, thunderbird and google calendars

mozilla thunderbird is a pretty good email client. it is a decent replacement to the enterprise-dominant outlook. one of the biggest pet peeves i’ve had with it, though, was its lack of calendar support. mozilla has another open source solution called sunbird, but i didn’t want to run ANOTHER program just for calendaring.

it turns out that there’s an add-on to thunderbird called lightning which brings calendar support into thunderbird. that’s pretty good, but still, no centralized server to keep the calendaring data…and today i discovered this: a google calendar provider for lightning. this will allow you to use google calendar as your server. setup wasn’t completely obvious, but jonny at bfish has a very through walk-though of the setup of the provider and now i have my calendaring all set up. pretty elegant if you ask me, i like it a lot.

too many pictures

there are far too many pictures from the italy trip to process. i’m definitely feeling overwhelmed, but i’ll sit down tonight and take a look to see how they came out. i’m pretty nervous because i decided to push a lot of the night time photos into a high ISO. hope it all comes out ok. here’s just a quick photo of the colosseum. looking at it in person, it was hard to imagine to it was built over 1900 years ago.