the dog ate my…

not my homework, my power cord. last night after we got back from volleyball, we found that the dog had finally learned how to escape his pen. this, in itself, was not horrific. it was only mildly alarming. what started the horrification of my night, yes, that’s right HORRIFICATION was that there was a large puddle of pee on our kitchen floor. still, he’s a puppy and puppies do what they are wont to do. so i would assume that motivated by his need to pee, he scrambled out of his pen and relieved himself.

i’m not sure if i should thank him for not peeing on the carpet, but thank goodness he did not pee on the couch or laptops nearby.

what was truly horrifying was that he chewed up my laptop’s power cord. completely chewed it up into pieces. it’s a wonder that he didn’t electrocute himself while doing so. this is the second laptop power supply he has ruined. ugh. stupid puppy. it’s a good thing that he didn’t get to the chocolate chip cookies that were on the coffee table. all of those chocolate chips would not have been good for him.

i ordered replacement power adapters so hopefully they will arrive soon.