a wedding and a cleaning

went to a wedding over the weekend where margaret and ritchie tied the knot. it was the first filipino catholic wedding i’ve been to and it was long. =P lots of prayers, standing, kneeling, sitting, and the like. there were primary sponsors, secondary sponsors, a unity candle lighting, blessing of cords, blessing of veils, blessing of coins, and all around lots of blessings and well wishes.

this will be the last wedding of the year for us. goodbye, wedding season.

on sunday, i cleaned the carpet in our living room. the carpet cleaner actually worked quite well for the most part. most of the traffic stains were cleaned up well with the carpet cleaner. there were some other pesky spots that weren’t cleaned up after the carpet treatment. i’m not sure if it is because i didn’t use enough of the carpet cleaning solution or let it soak long enough or what, but there are still a couple of pesky spots that i’ll have to deal with later.

what is the best way to clean a carpet anyway?