Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-16

  • Christi just left for Texas for two days. How are Kyden and I going to manage? Oh yeah, Koda too. #
  • Crap. Christi went away on a business trip and she took the car seat with her! #
  • haven't had a diet coke all day. what is going on? time to make things right in the world. #
  • just got manager approval for a laptop lock so i can leave it at work when i want to bike to work in honor of #BikeToWork day. #
  • need to sync google calendar to your iphone without Exchange ActiveSync? #
  • the more i get to know python, the more i dislike it. it must be that i just don't get it. #
  • I think Christi is intentionally taking the car seat with her to strand us at home. Kyden has cabin fever! #
  • Kyden really wanted donuts so we broke out of car seatless jail. Car seats? Who needs car seats? #
  • Uh oh. I'm the cat that climbed the donut tree, but can't get down by himself. How are we going to get home? #WishIHadACar #

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