mi pueblo food center

i just discovered mi pueblo food center. it’s a mexican supermarket chain near my house. their storefront is far, far nicer than the safeway that is close by our house. i haven’t had the chance to do price comparisons yet (i went to visit the bakery and food court), but i am so impressed with the store.

the next grocery run that i have to do, i will probably go to mi pueblo and see how the prices compare. what surprises me about the store is that it is super clean, very well laid out, and huge. lots of open space, lots of very good looking and well presented produce, it made me want to buy vegetables because they all looked so good. that, coming from someone who doesn’t particularly care for vegetables, says a lot.

but it was because of the bakery that i came. i was told that the bakery here was good and indeed, it is very good and cheap. i just ate an empanada and i am positive that i will be back for more.

i also had lunch at the food court. the burrito i had was fantastic and i’m definitely going to go again. i hear other locations aren’t as spotlessly clean as this one, but the location on capitol ave is quickly becoming my favorite place to go for lunch near home.

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