Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-19

  • Video editing #
  • you know it's trouble when 3 of your co-workers come into your cube with concerned looks on their faces. #
  • I am dragging this morning. Not sure why, either. But it such a struggle to get out of bed and feed Kyden. He is refusing to nap now. #
  • This does not look like the face of a tired baby. It is going to be a long morning. #
  • facetime requires certain ports to be open to use it. kind of sucky. #
  • OMG my building at work is energy star rated which means that they turn off the air conditioning after 6. I am sweating in my cube! #
  • can't believe i just tested 5 flashlight apps. LED Flashlight HD – fast startup & whole screen for on/off wins #iphone4 #
  • It's hard to stay mad at this face even if he spits a mouthful of oatmeal into your face. #
  • I'm a little skeptical about the effectiveness of the switcheasy case, especially protection for the front glass. #
  • Koda and I are out for a walk. #
  • Unintended use of the exersaucer: a fort #
  • One of the girls in kyden's swim class is wearing just a swim diaper and no swimsuit. At what age does that become inappropriate? #
  • tried facetime earlier today and it was pretty cool. no extra setup of home network needed to work. fantastic! #iphone4 #

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