Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-26

  • Really like Covert Affairs, can't decide if Piper Perabo is too cute for the role, though. #
  • spent the night fixing the laptop. went from no boot to no video to no keyboard/mouse to finally working. #
  • Looks like the Tylenol recall is still in effect. Bad time for Kyden to have a fever. #
  • Employees are auditioning on campus to sing the national anthem at a baseball game later this season. #
  • Really preferred Maggie Lawson as a blonde. #psych #
  • Farmer's market comes to work. #
  • Bought black Corinth grapes from the farmers market. Very sweet. #
  • just placed an order for my free #iphone4 case. decided to go with the black bumper. #
  • Kid is still sleeping. I'm not complaining, but this is highly unusual. #
  • RT @MacRumors Apple Delays White iPhone 4 Until Later This Year. – still holding out for white? in reply to MacRumors #

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