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you know that i’ve got nothing to write about when i start doing memes (which i recently found out is not pronounced as me-me, but mEEEEm) and other types of online quiz-type things.  still, i was amused enough to try this quiz to see what kind of major i should have pursued.

oddly enough, i had thought about being a math major until i took some math class in college that had all of these vector things that i thought were retarded.  you had to draw in that class.  that instantly turned me off to math.  i don’t like to draw.  which is also consistent with this quiz as art got a whopping 17%.

i guess the results of the quiz makes sense, i am currently an engineer that likes to blog about sometimes philosophical things about society.

my results:

You scored as Mathematics.

You should be a Math major! Like Pythagoras, you are analytical,
rational, and when are always ready to tackle the problem head-on!

Mathematics 100%
Engineering    92%
Philosophy    75%
Journalism    75%
Sociology    67%
Theater    67%
English    58%
Linguistics    50%
Psychology    33%
Biology    25%
Dance    17%
Chemistry    17%
Anthropology    17%
Art    17%

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