a valentine’s day conversation

i was talking to a friend and we were talking about valentine’s day. our conversation went something like this:

friend: are you doing anything for valentine’s day?
me: yeah, pretty mellow, but i’m going to try making one of her favorite dishes for dinner and i’ve bought a harder to find bottle of one of her favorite wines. how about you?
friend: yeah, i can’t cook, so we’re going to go out to dinner.
me: oh that’s cool.
friend: do you buy flowers? my girlfriend has been complaining lately that i haven’t bought her flowers recently.
me: oh yeah?
friend: yeah, i bought my mom flowers for her birthday and she complained about how it is such a waste of money to buy flowers. and i was just thinking to myself, “see, that’s how a woman is supposed to think!”
friend: but yeah…

my friend cracks me up.

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