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i am a total sucker for a good deal.  i also love pearl tea.  the two may not seem like they would go hand in hand, but most pearl tea places offer some kind of free drink after x number (usually ten) of purchases.  when a pearl tea place does not offer some kind of frequent buyer’s card, i am usually turned off by the place.

the closest decent pearl tea to my work doesn’t have a buy 10 get 1 free offer, instead they have this points redemption program.  for each pearl tea drink you purchase, you get 1 point.  they have different items that you can redeem for different point values.

an ipod mini is 500 points.  a 20 ounce sports bottle is 20 points.  you can then use the sports bottle to refill your drinks and get an extra 4 ounces free on every fill up.

i was really trying for the ipod mini, but with the nano out now, the mini doesn’t seem that exciting.  i finally broke down and got a sports bottle.  it’s actually not that bad, i may just keep getting them from here on out.  20 ounces is pretty small for a sports bottle, though.

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  1. where is the tea shop? I’d like to try for a ipod mini. dang 500 drinks though at $4 –that’s about $2,000!!

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