shabu shabu

dardy, christi, and i went to shabu shabu to check out the new restaurant in mountain view. it is one of the only places that i know of that has authentic japanese shabu shabu.

the food was pretty good and while we were eating, we watched the last few minutes of the women’s NCAA game. it was a good game, but i can never get into women’s basketball. i think that they should lower the rims so that women can dunk. that would be cool.

it was good to head out to mountain view and we actually bumped into a couple of people that we knew while we were out there. i guess the bay area is really rather small and it was inevitable that we would run into people that we knew.

we actually ran into kei, one of christi’s vball teammates and he sat next to us while we ate dinner too. i haven’t had shabu shabu in a long time and it was nice and refreshing to eat it. reminded me of home.

if you are ever on castro street in mountain view, check it out. if you like beef, you’ll like this place.

lunch loser

it’s lunch time again and as lunch rolls around a familiar feeling comes over me.  i’m torn between going out and getting some real food or dashing out and picking up some fast food.  you see, lunch has become quite a different experience for me recently.

it used to be that i had a lunch buddy and this lunch buddy of mine would go out and eat lunch with me.  seems like a pretty simple concept, no?  even though we didn’t go eat lunch every day, i’d still at least have the option of turning her down and sitting in my cube working away.

now all i have left is sitting in my little cube with no one to turn down.  it’s a bummer.

i’m beginning to tire of fast food, though, so i think that i may end up eating some real food alone.  i wish that i had at least brought a book with me or something.  i always see people eating lunch by themselves reading a book or the newspaper or something and they look so content.