busy weekend

this was probably one of the busiest weekends i’ve had in a long while. it started saturday morning with a memorial service for a friend’s baby that had passed away. it was an emotional service, and though i had never met kaden, i was still overcome with an incredible sense of loss. i cannot imagine how the parents must feel.

after that, i met up with christi, dave, and joanne. joanne was visiting for the weekend so we had lunch with them and did a little shopping. i haven’t gone shopping in a while, but didn’t pick up anything.

i ran home after that and finally did my taxes. it didn’t take very long, but it was still quite a process. after finally finishing that up, christi and i went to dinner and then headed over to ben and sonya’s for poker night. i didn’t feel like playing cards so i watched mostly and then we went home.

sunday was another long day which started with the easter service. after that we had lunch and visited christi’s grandmother. we then headed off to meet thanh and tung for dinner in hayward. all in all the weekend was packed.

i’m still trying to recover from it. this weekend is supposed to be the volleyball tournament, but the weather isn’t looking good. i hope that they cancel it if conditions aren’t ideal. i would hate to play in the rain/soggy ground.

3 thoughts on “busy weekend”

  1. thanh is my “vietnamese” friend. she’s actually chinese born in vietnam. or so she claims. =P she is not in mortage loaning, i think she is in investment banking or some financial thing. she does not have a kid.

  2. This is terrible, but do I know Kaden’s parents? I feel like I do… but i can’t quite place it right now…. Can you email me and let me know.

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