putting yourself out there

i was talking to a friend the other day about what it takes to meet people.  if you are a working professional, it is certainly more difficult to meet new people and the situations in which to meet people are certainly far smaller only because interaction with people is no longer mandatory, instead it is primarily voluntary.  that’s where i think the largest issue arises from.

i remember a while ago when an acquaintance of mine was bemoaning the fact that they weren’t meeting anybody new, that they had nothing to do, and that they were generally incontent.  i was just thinking to myself that if you don’t go and put yourself out there, of course you aren’t going to meet anyone.  people don’t go door to door introducing themselves to you.  that’s just not how the world works.

maybe some people have always had things work out conveniently for them.  maybe they’ve never had to make an effort to do get the things that they want.  that’s fine.  it’s also fine if they are content with it.  but you cannot expect that things will happen to you just because you exist.  you have to go out and do things, meet people, make an effort.

i’m not advocating that you do things that are well outside your comfort zone.  do the things that you enjoy doing.  but if you just hole yourself up and be an island, well, there’s a reason why islands are surrounded by water and are all alone.

in her shoes

i am one of those people that want to tell themselves and others that i don’t like cameron diaz.  i want to say that she is a total ditz, plays ditzy characters, and that her movies are just inane.  but i just can’t do it.

i just watched in her shoes and it was a wonderfully touching movie.  for those who find cameron diaz attractive, she often is found trouncing about in skimpy outfits.  that’s pretty much how i describe many of her movies.  =P

i liked her in the charlie’s angels movies, i liked her in the sweetest thing, and i even liked her in my best friend’s wedding.  why is it then that i feel compelled to want to dislike her?

in her shoes, though predictable at times, is a movie that warms the heart.  it explores the unbreakable bond between sisters, the trials and tribulations of a difficult childhood, and the sacrifices we make for one another.  i’d imagine that this movie speaks more strongly to those that have a close sibling.