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many months back i was very excited about my PUR water filter. i was excited that it was a better filtering system than the brita filter due to its 2 stage filter. it got rid of all of these micro-nasties and it was all good.

now, 6 months later, i realized that i haven’t changed the filter…ever. i know, i know, gross! it’s ok, though, i don’t drink much water at home. instead, diet coke seems to be the drink of choice while i’m at home. but i went to target today to pick up a new shower curtain and passed by the water filter aisle. i decided to buy new water filters and when i got home, i replaced the filter.

the water tastes just oodles better now! go figure, huh? i need to find some way to remind myself to change the filter because the slow and gradual change in water quality wasn’t noticed by me all these months.

10 thoughts on “PUR water filter”

  1. I think Pur tastes funny. I like Brita better. Brita comes with little static cling calendar “stickers” to put on the pitcher so you can mark the filter changes.

  2. Water filters are essential for healthy living. The human body is 70% water, and it is important that you replenish your body’s supply with eight glasses of purified water each day. This will lead to a healthy body and a better quality of life.
    Water filters must be changed after every 6 months for better quality water.

  3. I have used many water filters but recently I have been using a really simple drinking water filter. Its called a Stefani water purifier. I think its the most natural water filter and easy to use drinking water filter system which can be used indoors and outdoors. I enjoy going out camping and fishing and this water purifier can cleanse water from fresh water streams, lakes, wells and riviers.

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  5. While water filtration is good for your health, using old filters that are contaminated from infrequent changes can have serious health effects. We’re talking about drinking mould and many other things you wouldn’t normally ingest.

    Stay healthy,

  6. I have used a lot of water filters but I think that culligan is the best brand here. Try it, you will be satisfied for sure:)

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