trying to catch up from the weekend

this weekend was a pretty long and busy weekend. we went to vegas to play in the westside volleyball tournament. our team played in the lowest pool available. the first day we played reverse co-ed with the girls hitting and the guys setting. the first day results? we went 0-8 for the day.

the second day we modified our format and had the guys hitting and the girls setting. we ended up taking second place for the day. second place gave us shirts. speaking of shirts, i wonder where mine went…

while we were in vegas, christi and i went to check out mamma mia. neither of us had seen it and neither of us are huge abba fans. i think the only abba songs i know are the ones on the erasure album, abba-esque. we got tickets through some ticket broker online who gave us tickets for nearly half price. i was a little concerned that we might have bad tickets, but it all ended up just fine. we actually got great seats on the lower level in about the middle section.

the show was awesome! i had low expectations for the show, but i was pleasantly shocked. the music was great, the acting was great, and the show itself was very entertaining. if you haven’t seen it yet, i would recommend it.

on monday, i went to the city to buy wedding bands. christi and i went to the gift center to buy them and we saved quite a bit of money going there. i think that my ring was about 30% cheaper there than at other jewelry stores, so i was pretty happy.

after we bought the rings, we went to watch conan o’brien who is visiting all week. dana carvey was the guest and the show was taped at the orpheum. the line went down for blocks and blocks and i was afraid that we wouldn’t get in, but we were just able to sneak in and saw conan live. it was pretty cool.