bye bye elph

after many years of service, my trusty canon s400 elph finally gave up and stopped working. it’s been through a lot with me and i have been contemplating whether or not to replace it. one of the chief complaints i had with the camera is that its low light performance was really sub-par. i also missed the lack of aperture priority or shutter priority controls. but now that the elph doesn’t work anymore, it was time to think about what kind of point and shoot camera i would replace it with.

i’ve always been a huge canon fan, so it was very tempting to pick up one of the new canon point and shoots. technology has evolved and canon digitals are better than ever. still, i wanted something that was a strong low light performer. then i started to think about what else i might use this camera for and it got me thinking.

i don’t want to invest in a huge setup for underwater photography, it’s not like i dive a lot, but i do dive every so often. on my last dive, i took pictures underwater for the first time and it was kind of neat to take pictures while diving. so i got to thinking that i should buy a digital camera that i could dive with. low light photography and underwater shooting…hmmm.

i looked around and eventually decided on the fujifilm f41fd with the manufacturer waterproof case. we’ll see how it performs when i get it.