the start of packing

today marked the first day that i really tried to pack up some stuff. it’s overwhelming. i’ve lived in this apartment for about a year and i didn’t think that i accumulated a lot of stuff, but there really is quite a bit of stuff here. i just went through all of the books that i own and am deciding what comes with me, what goes to my parent’s house for permanent storage, what i’m going to try to sell, and what i’m going to donate.

i’m going to try and donate a fair number of items on my move out. last time, i didn’t try to sell anything, but this time, i think i’m going to try to sell things away and see how that works out. one of the things that i’m not looking forward to is moving my bed and tv. i still don’t know how i’m going to do it. i’ve packed about 5 boxes and i think i’m going to call it a night. i’m exhausted and sweating again. it doesn’t help that the weather here has been in the 90s and it’s midnight now and the apartment is still over 80 degrees. it’s crazy i tell you. wasn’t it just last week that it was RAINING??