how to buy a vacuum

i have recently purchase a new house and with that comes a slew of responsibilities and needs that i have never thought of before. i’ve been doing a ton of research on all sorts of things that i never cared about and for all of that time spent i want to have something to show for it. so, i’ve decided to chronicle the entire process. this is probably only going to be really relevant for people who want to buy new stuff for their home, but hopefully it won’t be too dry.

vacuums are probably one of the most misunderstood appliances you can purchase. i mean, if they work well, they suck, and if they don’t suck, then you don’t want it. so, which vacuum sucks the most?

that’s actually a loaded question. as with any purchase, you really have to consider a few things. the first thing to consider is budget. set a budget for yourself on how much you want to spend on a certain item and see what’s available in your budget.

for me, i figured that i would spend around $150-200 on a vacuum. a great resource to check out is the vacuum wizard. they have a lot of valuable information on different types of vacuums for different needs.

if price is not an object, it seems to be the popular opinion that the dyson vacuums are the way to go. i personally like the dyson ball, but i don’t own a dyson myself. these vacuums mean serious business and if you don’t object to buying a $500+ vacuum, go for it! even my mom, the consummate penny pincher, recommends it. “worth every penny,” she says.

for me, i wanted a powerful vacuum but didn’t want to pay the price. i also wanted an upright vacuum, not a canister. these are really personal preferences. after having gotten the vacuum, i thought that i could use the hose attachments to clean the stairs, but the vacuum i got doesn’t fit comfortably on a stair, so it makes cleaning the stairs difficult.

oh yeah? which vacuum did i get? i got the eureka boss vacuum. it’s supposed to be the most powerful vacuum in its class, the packaging says that it is more powerful than a dyson. it is pretty powerful and it is good at what it does. not good for stairs, the hose attachment is shorter than i would have preferred. but it cleans the floors well. this is a heavy vacuum, though. don’t be fooled by its stylish looks, it’s heavy!

shopping spree

i’ve been going on a major shopping spree for the house. i’m buying all sorts of necessities and “necessities”.

for example, my wireless router is dying at the apartment. i don’t know why i go through so many of these things, but i ordered another one because this one is dying. so far, i’ve decided that wireless networking, though insanely convenient, is also very problematic for me. i don’t get why. really, i don’t.

with the purchase of a wireless router, i thought it would be time to start planning my media center needs, so i purchased a gaming adapter for the xbox so that i can have access to the network wireless. i am THIS close to purchasing a file server. THIS CLOSE. but i’m going to hold off for a little bit more until i can be convinced that i really need one. that i really, really need one. i do. really. i know i do.

i also got a PCI wireless NIC. i know, lame, but i can’t help it. i need it, it sucks. i’ve moved on. you should too.

i also bought the mediagate MG-350HD media center. wireless. neat. yeah, man…that’s a lot of wireless gear.

the greatest thing of all? they are all shipping from different places and all of them are arriving tomorrow. tomorrow is gonna be like christmas.