the wedding – sand ceremony

picture by barbara tanaka

i know, i know, i just got married and am still in married/wedding bliss, so the pictures from the wedding are still gonna be coming. if you’re bored of wedding talk, skip this post. =P

during our ceremony, instead of a unity candle, which had logistical problems because we were on the beach and it can be windy on the beach, we had a sand ceremony. what is a sand ceremony, you ask? it’s where two people take two jars of differently colored sand and combine them into one jar. so, you know, like, a unity candle, is pretty much the same thing as the sand ceremony, just hawaiianized.

i told christi that i was a little reluctant to incorporate too many hawaiian customs or traditions into our wedding because: 1) we aren’t hawaiian and 2) i don’t want to be a poser. =P but the sand ceremony was pretty cool.

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