the little girl

this post is dedicated to cindy who BEGGED that i post something so that she wouldn’t be bored.

once upon a time there was a little girl in a little land. this little girl in the little land had little dreams that one day, she might not be bored. but much to her chagrin, in this little land of little dreams ruled a not so little tyrant. the not so little tyrant found that the best way to keep peace in his little land was to subject the subjects to little bouts of boredom. so he cast a not so little spell across his little land so that his subjects will all suffer from little bouts of boredom.

the little girl was bored. so bored that she reached out to her little friends to help her break the curse of little bouts of boredom that the not so little tyrant had cast upon his still fair, but bored land. not so surprisingly, the friends of the little girl had little to say as they, too, were bored.

so the little girl set out on the grandest adventure she had ever been on in her little life. she set out to overthrow the not so little tyrant and rid the land of his spell of boredom. she began by picking out her outfit. the little girl didn’t want to be normal, no, she knew that to overthrow the tyrant she would have to step out of her shell and pick an outfit that would befit her quest. and so the little girl looked into her little closet to see what she could do.

after what was not so little of a time, the little girl found the perfect outfit. she dressed as a little ninja. it was, she thought, very much unlike her and she was tickled at the notion that her dressing up as a ninja might strike terror in the hearts of those whose path she’d cross. she had devised a wonderfully devious plan on how to outwit her foes and after she was confident that the plan was without holes against her foes, she set off to defeat the tyrant in her ninja outfit.

the little girl reached the castle of the not so little tyrant and, in true ninja fashion, she scaled the castle walls in the quiet of night. she crept into the tyrant’s balcony and stealthily, slowly did she sneak silently beside the sleeping tyrant. it was at this moment that the little girl realized that she was so excited at the prospect of overthrowing the tyrant that she never really thought about how it is that she was going to do it. she had planned methodically what she was going to wear, how she was going to sneak in the night to the castle, how she was going to scale the walls, and how to get to the tyrant. the plan was meticulously planned. it had succeeded successfully so far, yet now that she was there beside the tyrant who had cast this awful spell of boredom across the land, she realized that she had not planned what to do here.

it was only this moment of hesitation that was needed before she realized that this entire evening was not boring at all! in fact, she was not bored the moment that she set foot into her closet to decide what outfit to wear. the little girl realized that she did not have to kill the tyrant to rid herself of boredom, all she needed to do was to plan how to kill the tyrant. the spell had been broken! she was not bored!

the little girl quickly retreated back to the comfort and safety of her home and vowed that, tomorrow, she would do the same thing so that she would never be bored again. it was, she thought, the perfect solution to her boredom.

and so the little girl lived happily ever after…until she got bored again.

the end.

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