sushi maru

i have heard a lot about sushi maru back when it was in sunnyvale, but never went there. they’ve just moved recently to milpitas and so we’ve decided to try it out. after a disappointing visit to gochi, i was a little reluctant to trust all the rave reviews about the place, but once i got there and tried their sushi, i must say that i’m impressed. the place isn’t super fancy, but the prices are very reasonable and the fish is fresh.

it was a delicious dinner of sushi. we sat at a table next to the sushi boats so that we could pull plates of sushi from the sushi boats as they passed by. we also ordered some food from the menu which was also good. i am usually skeptical of sushi boat places, but this place definitely surprised me.

the location is pretty small, but the food good, i’m definitely going to go there again.