new puppies

we’re supposed to be getting new puppies to foster today. from what i hear, they are supposed to be about the size of large grapefruits. i don’t believe it, but we’ll see if that’s really the case or not.

i’m sure once i get home, christi will be completely GLUED to them and won’t even notice that i’ve come home. we’ve been talking about how, if we take to these puppies, that we might end up adopting one. we’ll have to see how that goes, though. i still have a lot of concerns about these puppies taking little bites of me until there’s nothing left.

three puppies. man. that’s a lot of puppies.

beard papa

i had my very first and second beard papa cream puff ever. the beard papa craze has recently arrived to the bay area and it wasn’t until the cupertino location had opened that i finally went and tried one out.

let me tell you, it may be the unpopular opinion, but i thought that these cream puffs were only ok. people have said that beard papa is to cream puffs as krispy kreme is to donuts. i don’t think that this is true. they aren’t the kind of decadent joy that only krispy kreme can bring you. no, in fact, they are only just decent.

i was expecting a heavenly bite of joy, but instead the beard paps cream puffs have a very thin slightly crispy puff and a lighter than expected cream filling. i, daresay, think that i can make a better cream puff. it was just that disappointing.