it shouldn’t be this hard

i worked on this problem at work that really shouldn’t have taken so long to figure out. i don’t know why it did, but there was a time where i was ready to throw in the towel. i just thought that it just might not be possible. after struggling for such a long time, my frustration started to get the better of me.

after taking a little break, i finally got things to work. it really wasn’t THAT hard, but there must have some kind of mental block that i was suffering at the time.

i think that it’s because i have been under the weather. i just haven’t been thinking straight for a while now. i have had some bad, bad stomach problems and i think now that what i actually had was campylobacter. i sort of think i got it from the dogs that we were fostering. the crazy thing is that i’m actually pretty anal about washing my hands after handling the dogs. but man, nearly two weeks of bad stomach problems…i’m just glad that i’m feeling better now. it’s been a tough couple of weeks.