replacing our chandelier

the house that we bought many months ago came complete with the original chandelier in the dining room. this chandelier was a cheap, dated one that looked ugly. we swore that we would replace it and we even registered for one at lowes. well, many months have passed and we bought the chandelier from lowes. it stayed in the box for months. i was lazy and didn’t want to install it, but enough time had passed and i wanted to get it done.

installing the chadelier wasn’t very difficult, the wiring was actually pretty simple. the hard part is that the chandelier was replaced with track lighting. the track lighting has a bendable track that you can bend to any configuration. i thought that the track was going to be easily flexible, but it turns out that the track isn’t flexible. instead, you have to bend the track forcefully, there were not joints! christi actually bent the track into place, she freehanded it and it came out looking great.

once that was done, installation was mostly easy. i hit a stud in the ceiling, so i had to pre-drill one of the anchors, but aside from that, there were no problems noted.

i love the new lights. it’s a little darker than i was expecting it to be in the room, so it looks like i’m going to have to find some other kind of lamp to supplement the track lighting, but for now, it’s great.

i still have some faucets and bathroom vanity lights to install. maybe i’ll do that tomorrow.