the storm

there has been a big deal about the storm that’s hitting the bay area this weekend. a storm watch has been started. flooding, high winds, and tons of rain is what they say is coming. the storm doesn’t seem like it is THAT bad, but it certainly was stormy here in san jose.

i was talking to geoff and he was telling me that there were high winds in the order of 70 mph where he lived high atop the hill. crazy. he also told me that there were downed power lines nearby.

there’s been expanded coverage on the storm watch. tv stations have started news coverage an hour earlier at 5AM instead of 6AM. it’s as if people have never seen rain before.

well, i say this because the area that we live in has had a good storm, but not hurricane like conditions. some garbage cans did fall over, some branches did fall, and PG&E did report something close to half a million customers without power, so it is a big deal. i just happen to live in an area which, thankfully, isn’t getting the worst of it.

the office had a leak in the roof, but luckily it was dripping right in the middle of a hallway and not in someone’s cube.