album update

after the latest changes to the online photo album, i’ve been really happy with the results. i love, love, love the way that the photos zoom up and down. i love how the gallery looks. it’s the first time where i feel like the UI for the gallery is acceptable.

being a lazy developer and having no real incentive to develop cross-browser webapps for personal use, i never bothered to check what the gallery looks like in IE. i did today and the horror! i fixed up the CSS so that what the gallery looks like in IE is closer to the intended affect.

one of the places where i’ve been a little lazy is the admin console. sorting the image order in the albums were excrutiatingly painful, at best. i’ve added drag and drop sorting, and it helps a little and is tons better. it can get better, but i think it’s good enough for now.

the only thing now is that i need to start taking more pictures!