selling the paper

a telemarketer called me on my work phone to try and get me to buy a subscription to a local paper.

telemarketer(TM): sir, i want to get you this great opportunity to receive the blah blah blah.
me: oh, i’m not interested in that.
TM: but sir, i’m not even asking you for any money, i just want to get the news to you for free.
me: i hate the news.
TM: that’s ok, sir, there’s plenty of other things in the paper like sports, weather, and it really is a good thing to read up on the news.
me: i hate reading.
TM: well, sir, that is ok. you can use it to pick up other things.
me: i don’t like picking things up.
TM: well sir, that’s ok too, the paper can be used for a variety of things. it makes a great stuffing or packing material.
me: hahaha. ok, it’s been fun, guy, but really i’m not interested.
TM: ok, well, you have a nice evening.

talk about a persistent and creative sell.

lowe’s resolution

lowe’s has shipped me a gift card with a credit for the amount of my order. the only reason i know that they did this was because i got an email from lowe’s telling me that the tracer for the order has been completed and a merchandise card is being shipped to me.

the problem with this is that i asked lowe’s to send me the items that i initially ordered, not a credit back on what i had ordered. i am now terrified to order the items again online because i don’t want to go through this hassle again.

lowe’s support also said that they would contact me to keep me updated throughout this process and they never have. i got two calls from UPS, one that was nice, the other that was a little menacing. then no word from lowe’s about what happens next except this email that tells me that instead of shipping the products that i asked them to ship me, they are shipping me a gift card.

*sigh* i guess i’ll have to go into the store and buy the items. i’m going to try and spend the rest of the gift cards i have while there so that i never have to do business with them again.