mcdonald’s mcskillet burrito

i was starving this morning so i stopped by mcdonald’s and got a mcskillet burrito. it was actually pretty tasty, but i would imagine that it also is equally unhealthy. sure, i can try to justify that my meal was healthier because i got orange juice, but come on now, let’s not kid ourselves.

i’ve been on a real streak of bad food lately. taco bell, l&l, mcdonald’s…man, what’s next?

it’s thursday already which means that we’ve officially entered my favorite part of the week. tonight will be the start of vball league so that’ll be fun. i’m just starting to stop being sore from sunday’s first vball outing since the winter break.

since the writer’s guild is still on strike, i’ve been really reaching to watch some good tv. i just finished watching both seasons of dead like me. it was pretty entertaining the first season, the second season started to feel a little down for me. the whole story line with george’s sister was really becoming quite the bummer.

anyhow, i’m done with all of that tv and now it’s time to find something else to watch. i thought that i saw all of the buffy episodes, but i was reading about one episode “hush” that i had never seen. it was the mostly silent episode where the characters lose their voices. it sort of makes me wonder if there are other episodes that i haven’t seen.