so i have a garage again…

i spent the weekend cleaning out the garage. it’s been a multi-day effort and finally, i am starting to see the fruits of my labor. i still have another two or three recycling bin’s worth of crap to take care of, but that’s just stuff that is going to be waiting to be thrown out.

i bought bicycle hooks a few months after i bought the house and JUST NOW am i putting them up. we have three bikes between the two of us and two of the bikes are being hung from the garage. the other bike is currently being lent out to a friend, so i’ll deal with figuring out where to put it later.

tools have been properly stowed away in a tool chest, puppy fostering supplies have been stored away in a couple of boxes, and a ton of memories have been boxed up and stacked away waiting to be remembered again one day.

garbage was just taken out and i’ve broken down almost all of the rest of the boxes that have been sitting around gathering dust. our recycling bin is full yet again, but the garage is really starting to look much better.