Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-14

  • RT @ProFootballTalk Shawne Merriman busted for battery, false imprisonment Who did he beat? His gf, Tila Tequila. #
  • Don't see what all the hype about district 9 is about. Movie was ok, but not blockbuster, amazing for me. Sadly felt Harry Potter was better #
  • Woke up early this morning after sleeping at 4am. I guess I should be productive and clean the garage…or eat the cookies made yesterday. #
  • garage cleaning activities have been suspended for the week due to lack of space in the recycling and garbage bins. #
  • Just saw a shirt that read: abcdefgHI. I think this shirt can only be pulled off if you are cute. #
  • Yahoo fantasy football app for iPhone is beautiful AND free in the app store. Pretty basic featureset but great for simple management. #
  • kitchen garbage disposal motor burned out today. had to make two trips to lowe's to replace it, but it's all done now! now we can dispose! #
  • The park sign says if attacked by mountain lion, fight back. Yeah, that's, uhhh, reassuring. #
  • – what?? photos on facebook are unavailable right now? oh, not all photos, just some people's photos… #
  • PSA: replace your air filter regularly. #
  • RT @SebastienPage No, There Is No iPhone 3.1 Jailbreak Yet *sigh* #
  • Weird bathroo mirror #
  • When your mouth is on fire from spicy food, diet coke will not sooth the fire. It angers it. #
  • Ah Sunday football in HD. The antenna is very sensitive about where it is pointing. #
  • 49ers beat Arizona! 20-16! #
  • video will probably be pulled down, but classy move by beyonce after Kayne outburst
    #teamTaylor #