VMware 64-bit guest in 32-bit host

i’m trying to install a 64-bit guest OS (fedora core 11) in a 32-bit host OS in vmware server and the fedora kernel kept complaining that the CPU was not 64-bit capable. vmware documentation says that 64-bit guests will install just fine on 32-bit hosts.

it turns out that after a BIOS upgrade, an option for virtualization was exposed. once the virtualization option was enabled, i was able to install fedora just fine.

the emmy awards

seeing kristin chenoweth win best supporting actress for a show that is no longer on the air was pretty amazing. i think she did a great job on the show so that was great to see.

i still don’t get why everyone thinks that 30 rock is so fantastic, but seeing just how many awards they were nominated for, there must be something that everyone else sees that i don’t.