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i tried watching related last night, but i don’t see what all the hubbub is about. it didn’t seem very interesting and actually, there were parts that were just downright annoying. i don’t know if i can give the show another opportunity, i feel like i really should give it another try, but really, it was rather unsufferable.

kitchen confidential

i just saw the last episode of kitchen confidential and i have to say that it is pretty entertaining. it’s a little on the cheeky side at times, but i enjoyed it. i think that this show may definitely be a winner.

one of the things that i really like about the show is that there is a sincerity about the main character that kind of shows through, even though he’s a little rough around the edges.


e-ring is the most retarded tv show i’ve ever seen in my life! you’d think that it is about how the military executes all of these exciting covert operations, but instead it seems like it’s just a lot of arguing and politics with really campy acting.

i thought that we would get to see the lead characters moving into the field, but they are just administrators getting the operations set up. it’s not exactly what i was thinking it would be and it’s very disappointing. i don’t think i’ll watch another episode. it’s just that bad.


i just watched an episode of bones. i really like it. the writing is ok, the action is not bad, but i really like the dynamic between the two main characters. i have always wondered what would happen to the angel star, david boreanaz, and he does a good job of changing his role from the vampire angel to this role.

the show looks promising, i think i’ll keep watching.


my first day of rest and relaxation and i spend it watching everwood. i never finished watching the last four episodes and so much has happened! where does one begin?

it is sad to see that ephram and amy’s relationship has deterioated to the point where ephram feels that they should just be friends. where once he had loved her with all of his life, he is now throwing that away. and for what? who knows?

and now andy has professed his love to his neighbor, nina, who has just had her boyfriend move in with her. but he tells her anyway and he kisses her. how wrong is that?

i’ve been seeing a lot of shows where people would go and tell other people that they have feelings for them, despite the object of their affection already being in a committed relationship. i find this to be so wrong. but it does make for good television.

joan of arcadia

i am several weeks behind in this show. there was just this part of me that didn’t really want to watch the show for some reason. i don’t know why.

but this episode i saw was just devastating! adam cheated on joan and she found out. they broke up and now each have to live with the consequences of their actions.

it just broke my heart. one of the reasons why i like this show so much is because of the excellent writing. you really understand the motivations for each of the character’s actions and you feel the same highs and lows that they do.

but for adam to cheat on joan…it destroys me. i cannot believe that he would throw it all away just for a little nookie. it seems obvious that he was quite conflicted, but the fact that he cheated on her is so wrong. i didn’t think that he was capable of it. i hope joan doesn’t take him back. i think she did the right thing by dumping him.

tru calling

davis: look i know it’s been a few months since luke died, but, you know, if you are starting to have feelings for someone you should just accept it.
tru: it just feels soon, is all.
davis: it’s always going to feel soon whether it’s today, tomorrow, or four years from now.
tru: well, how do you know when you’re ready?
davis: you fall in love again.

who knew that such wisdom could come from such a show?


oh man, i haven’t been keeping up with this show, but i LOVE the tension, angst, and torture that the characters are going through. the love triangle between eva, simon, and johnny is GREAT. it brings me back to the days of dawson’s creek.

eva and simon are getting married. it doesn’t seem like eva and simon share the same kind of passion that eva and johnny (her ex) shared. eva’s kids and friends believe that eva is settling with simon because she could have a secure life with him. i think she even knows that deep down, but is too afraid to admit it because then she won’t know what to do with her life. all of her friends don’t think that simon is the guy for eva, either, but they are supporting her because simon is who she needs, despite what they really want or what they think is best for her.

ultimately simon figured out that eva’s heart isn’t really into him. he realizes that she doesn’t really love him. he realizes that he fits the image of what she considered enough or ideal in a marriage. he realizes that he isn’t really the man for her and he leaves her. i think it takes a great man to recognize this and it takes incredible amounts of courage to walk away.


i finally remembered why i added josiah to my list of names used at fast food places. that is the legal first name of the president in the west wing. i thought it was a cool sounding name and i started using it.

speaking of the west wing, there was a quote that struck me. one of the presidential nominee hopefuls was making a speech about another hopeful and how he failed to disclose some personal information which the voting public may have needed to have been made aware of.

i think he didn’t disclose it because we’re the hyprocrites, not the bakers. because we’re all broken, every single one of us, and yet we pretend we’re not.

we all live lives of imperfection, and yet we cling to this fantasy that there’s a perfect life and that our leaders should embody it. but if we expect our leaders to live on some higher moral plane than the rest of us, well, we’re just asking to be deceived.

now it’s been suggested to me that i should try to buy your support with jobs and the promise of access. it’s been suggested to me that party unity is more important than your democratic rights as delegates. that’s right, it’s not. and you have a decision to make. don’t vote for us because you think we’re perfect. don’t vote because of what we might be able to do for you only. vote for the person who shares your ideals, your hopes, your dreams. vote for the person who most embodies what you believe we need to keep our nation strong and free and when done that you can go back to seattle and boston and miami to omaha, to tulsa, to chicago and atlanta with your head held high and say i am a member of the democratic party.

movie overload

i decided to go on a little movie watching spree this weekend. sometimes it’s nice to just relax and veg out in front of the tv. i watched first daughter, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, and raising helen.

first daughter was almost exactly the same movie as chasing liberty. and though i am a big, big katie holmes fan, i really enjoyed chasing liberty more. it’s odd because most of the critics liked this verison of the movie more, but i didn’t really. there were some nice transitions in the movie, though.

i thought ethernal sunshine of the spotless mind was going to be one of those artsy movies that i wouldn’t be able to get into, so i’ve been a little reluctant in watching it. but it is essentially a love story and i loved it. very creative approach to the whole storytelling process.

raising helen was the last movie of the bunch. it’s a cookie-cutter movie whose story has been told many times, but i still enjoyed it. not as much as i thought i would, but still a good rental.