movie overload

i decided to go on a little movie watching spree this weekend. sometimes it’s nice to just relax and veg out in front of the tv. i watched first daughter, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, and raising helen.

first daughter was almost exactly the same movie as chasing liberty. and though i am a big, big katie holmes fan, i really enjoyed chasing liberty more. it’s odd because most of the critics liked this verison of the movie more, but i didn’t really. there were some nice transitions in the movie, though.

i thought ethernal sunshine of the spotless mind was going to be one of those artsy movies that i wouldn’t be able to get into, so i’ve been a little reluctant in watching it. but it is essentially a love story and i loved it. very creative approach to the whole storytelling process.

raising helen was the last movie of the bunch. it’s a cookie-cutter movie whose story has been told many times, but i still enjoyed it. not as much as i thought i would, but still a good rental.

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