the coolest desktop app

the coolest desktop app i’ve ever seen is topdesk. if you do not use it and you run windows, get it. this is probably one of the biggest things that i’ve seen on other OSes and really wished that i had.

4 thoughts on “the coolest desktop app”

  1. yeah, i have this type of app for my 15″ iMac. and since 15″ is so small, this app really helps me find my windows. coolio!

    does topdesk have another function where it sends all your windows out of the screen so you can find desktop items?

  2. yeah, you can move all of the current windows out of the way so that you can see your desktop. i’m sure that the app was designed after the mac app. i saw it once on adam’s computer and i was sooooo envious.

  3. as a caveat to anyone who is thinking about checking out topdesk now, the new version’s trial has been changed to become a time-limited demo. one of the coolest things i liked about this app was that the trial let you use topdesk at your leisure to try. the software itself is not expensive at all though, so if you really feel like you need expose’ for windows, it’s definitely worth a look.

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