frustrated or pissed?

we were having a conversation the other day about which was better: being frustrated or pissed?

the example i used was in playing volleyball.  is it better to lose and be frustrated because your team’s play was just so much worse than its potential OR is it better to lose and be pissed because your team got killed by another team who is just better than your own?

the consensus seemed to be that it is better to be pissed than frustrated because if you are pissed that means that your team had the potential to play better and maybe win the games whereas being frustrated means that your team just didn’t end up playing well because they just couldn’t.

i guess it really boils down to whether or not you’ve played to your potential.  i think that so long as you’ve tried your best, then you can’t really ask for much more.  but if you aren’t playing hard or you just aren’t playing well, you realize that you are capable of more, but just aren’t doing it.

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