more fantasy madness

i had thought that the management of my fantasy nba teams wouldn’t be that hard now that i figured that my roster has pretty much been settled.  as it turns out, i’ve had some underperformers and there have been some free agents that have really been doing well so i decided to mix up my line up.

team 1 didn’t get much of a change, but i’ve dropped TJ ford and picked up delonte west.  this makes management of this team a little more confusing because i have both delonte west AND david west on my roster for this team.  they are both D. West, so i have to look at their position to see who is who.  i am really, really reluctant to drop peja stojakovic, but he has been having a really crummy season since he has hurt himself and he’s only mediocre now.  i’m going to keep him in my roster for now, but if he doesn’t shape up soon, i may have to get rid of him.  kobe has been performing well as has jason richardson.

team 2 got a huge makeover.  i dropped grant hill who has been completely useless to me since i picked him up for turkoglu, but i got turkoglu back.  okafor has been hurt and hasn’t been playing much and it looks like he’s going to be hurt for a while, so i needed a new center.  enter chris karman…i know…a clipper…on my team.  who would have thunk it?  i had TJ ford on this team too and picked up delonte west for him…again.  at least i’m consistent.  and finally nenad krstic whose name i thought was cool really wasn’t doing much for me, so i decided to find another center and so chris mihm is filling out his shoes.  iverson has been doing for this team, richard hamilton has been doing decent, but not as well as i was hoping.  baron davis is also on this team, but i’m really hoping it is alonzo mourning who will really step up and grab some more boards.  his blocking is just crazy, though.

anyway, i’m struggling in my leagues, i can’t seem to make the top spot, always trailing close behind at second.  hopefully these changes will make a difference.

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