dearly beloved…

(picture courtesy mchew, thanks mchew!)

we were gathered saturday to witness this union of this man and this woman in matrimony. that’s right, the wedding of greg and cheryl was this weekend. they had a wonderful wedding. i was the officiant for their wedding.

people ask me how it is that i came about becoming the officiant for them. one day greg was talking to someone and he was asked who was going to marry him and cheryl. neither of them are religious and they didn’t want to have a religious ceremony. he said that he hadn’t thought much about it and didn’t know. i had made an offhand comment that i would totally marry them. greg said he’d ask cheryl about it and the next day he IMs me and says, “so…were you serious about marrying us?” and that’s how it all started.

the ceremony itself was great. it fit greg and cheryl quite well, humorous at times, heartfelt at others. the letters to their parents got me teary-eyed. both of them.

i was pretty nervous officiating the wedding. i didn’t want to mess up their wedding, and i was a little unsure about whether or not some of the humorous parts of the ceremony would go over well. but in the end, i think it came out well.

that’s three weddings this year: geoff and pak, paul and leeya, and now greg and cheryl. i think our wedding will be the last of the year.

vivitar df120

ok, so you have a small point and shoot camera and you want to add a little more oomph to your flash by getting an external slave flash. you’ve heard of these things called optical slaves and you’re thinking that this might be the right thing for you.

that’s what i thought! and i had heard favorable things about the vivitar df120 (well, A favorable review) and so i eagerly picked one up and it arrived today.

this thing is TINY! like 1 inch by 1.5 inches tiny. i’m not sure if light will even come out of it, but i’ll give it a whirl later today when i get some batteries for it.

the outlaws are great

i received my replacement outlaw audio receiver and everything works as it should. it seems like i might have just been the one with some bad luck, but everything is working crisply and boomingly well now. i decided to go with a pretty small set up, the smaller definitive technology speakers, the small subwoofer, and with everything wired up, it sounds incredible. i love it.

now, my next big project is building my own old school arcade!