it seems to be raining on my watercolor painting

rain. lots of it last night. i guess summer really is over. the days have been getting colder and i can feel that the nights are starting to get that little bite of bitterness. it does seem that winter is coming upon us.

as such, i decided last night that i was going to finally replace all of the light bulbs in the house with energy efficient bulbs. our kitchen is so much brighter now that all of the broken bulbs have been replaced and these new bulbs are BRIGHT. it’s actually a little too bright for my tastes.

every day i am trying to fix something around the house. the other day i fixed our shower. the shower was leaking just a little bit. it was kind of annoying to hear the little drip, drip, drip go all night long. i finally took apart the knob to see why it just kept leaking. it turns out that the knob just needed to be realigned a little and now no sleepless nights. it’s been nice actually.

yesterday, after replacing all of the bulbs in the house, i decided to give our kitchen floor a good cleaning. our kitchen tile suffers from getting oily after cooking with oil and the spatter goes all over the place. what’s worse is that the oil sort of just starts to spread everywhere on the tile. you can’t see it, but you can feel it…

so anyway, i gave the kitchen floor a good clean and it’s all good now. i wonder how long it’ll last.

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