everyone else was doing it…

so i just had to start stacking rocks on the beach because i saw so many other rock stacks there. i didn’t get very far when i was called away to take a picture, so it isn’t as impressive as it could it. i think that with more practice i could stack more interesting rocks, but oh well.

i’m trying to remember where in the bay area i saw all of the cool rock stacks on some beach… it was so long ago…

4 thoughts on “everyone else was doing it…”

  1. perhaps sf down by fisherman’s wharf area I think. There’s a rocky area next to the bay and there’s usually an artist or two who stacks rocks on top of rocks really high, sometimes on pointy edges.

  2. I think I have seen this before, but I can’t rememeber. Hmm… it seems like something artsy but monumental and I should know. Oh well, look like you had funny!

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